1. Going back to DC would be cool.

  2. The Body

    51 West

    October 17, 2014

    Still trying to figure out what I’m doing with this camera.

  4. cavistapes:

    Busted Outlook // Munoz Gym // 10.17.2014

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  5. My Internet is back on at home finally, and the best thing is being able to watch the wwe newtork back on Apple TV again.

  6. dischord:

    Embrace by Gordon Ornelas.

  7. That new new.

  8. kawaiixedge:

    American Football
    Webster Hall, NYC

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  10. naivetygalore:

    Yes, I am blind - Morrissey

    are you sorry for what you’ve done?

    well, you’re not the only one

    and in my sorry way I love you

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