2. klso:

    The Smiths - Nowhere Fast

    And if the day came
    when I felt a natural emotion 
    I’d get such a shock
    I’d probably jump in the ocean 

  3. I can’t take this pressure.

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  5. I know, I’m home early.

  6. psicotex:

    The Nap

    I’ve been in training this week so that means lurking the b9 and wrestling websites, this would be better.

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  7. Living off ramen / pb&j sandwiches til next friday

    So I can afford to go to Drop Dead, Full of Hell and Whirr these next few days.

  8. hate5sixofficial:



    XXX from Michigan. You do not want to miss this 10 minute long set. Freedom played a tough slot (opening on Saturday) so we were concerned when there was still a sizeable line waiting to get in when they started. As the set progressed the room filled up and Freedom continued to play relentlessly and hard. And the crowd responded in kind. Many bands would fold in that slot, but Freedom proved themselves and then some. Hopefully we see them at TIHC again but in a better slot! They’ve certainly earned it.

    Mixed and mastered by Jeremy Eger (http://www.facebook.com/JERecording)